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August 5, 2016

CU Today

NY CEOs Discuss Winning Business Strategies

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CU Today on July 19, 2016 -

SARATOGA, N.Y.—Three credit union CEOs from New York State recently participated in a panel discussion during the Credit Union Association of New York’s Annual Conference here.


Left to right:  Brian D. Snyder, Chief Executive Officer of Olean Area FCU, Scott A. Wilson, President & Chief Executive Officer of Sea Comm FCU and John J. Deecher, President & Chief Executive Officer of Utica Gas & Electric Employees FCU

Moderated by the Federal Home Loan Bank of New York, the session was titled: Now is Still Not the Time for Business As Usual.

“We went through a number of questions which each panelist had to answer,” said SeaComm FCU CEO Scott Wilson. “Overall, it was a healthy debate on strategies that have been successful for each credit union. It was evident that having a diversified investment strategy has helped all three of our credit unions. We all recognized that active balance sheet management ensured we were keeping margins positive and providing good return on assets, which in turn is building capital in this continued in the low interest rate environment.”


The panel session was moderated by Thomas R. Settino, Vice President/Director of Sales at the FHLBNY

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