Forms, Guidelines and Agreements

Affordable Housing Program

In the Other Agreements tab there are standard agreements that must be executed following the approval of a project.


AHP Project Life Cycle Tutorial



For Rental Projects
AHP-123 AHP Funding Application for Rental Projects PDF
AHP-124 Exhibit Cover Pages - Rental Projects DOCX
AHP-125 Rental Project Workbook XLSM
AHP-126 Rental Income Verification Worksheet XLSX
For Owner-Occupied Projects
AHP-128 AHP Funding Application for Owner-Occupied Projects PDF
AHP-129 Rehabilitation of Existing Homes Exhibit Cover Pages PDF
AHP-130 Purchase of Existing Homes Exhibit Cover Pages PDF
AHP-131 Purchase of Homes Developed by the Project Sponsor Exhibit Cover Pages PDF
AHP-132 Owner-Occupied Project Workbook XLS
AHP-133 Final Cost Certification for Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation Projects PDF
AHP-135 Intake Certification Worksheet XLSX
AHP-100 2018 AHP Implementation Plan PDF
Income Guidelines
AHP-011NY Mortgage Revenue Bond Income Limits - New York PDF
AHP-011NJ Mortgage Revenue Bond Income Limits - New Jersey PDF
AHP-011PR Mortgage Revenue Bond Income Limits - Puerto Rico PDF
Link HUD Income limits/guidelines
AHP Agreement
AHP-140 Affordable Housing Program Direct Subsidy Agreement PDF
AHP Progress Reporting Forms
AHP-141 Affordable Housing Program Progress Report Form XLSX
AHP Long-Term Monitoring Forms
AHP-106 Rental Project Certification Form PDF
AHP-126 Rental Income Verification Worksheet XLSX
AHP / FHC Recapture Request Form
AHP/FHC-001 Affordable Housing Program (AHP) / First Home Club (FHC): Recapture Request Form XLSX
For Owner-Occupied Projects
AHP-111 Repayment Mortgage for Owner-Occupied Projects PDF
For Rental Projects1
AHP-113 Affordable Housing Program Subordinate Mortgage for Rental Projects PDF
For Rental Projects using Section 811 or 202 Funds
AHP-117 Rider to Lender's Security Agreement PDF
For Rental Projects using Low Income Tax Credits
AHP-121 Rider to Subordinate Mortgage PDF

Note: Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view PDF files.
1Except those using Low Income Tax Credits, Section 811 or Section 202 funds.


Official AHP Regulations


Program Deadlines

FHC offers monthly enrollment periods due the 10th of each month or the following applicable business day.

AHP Success Stories

Pond View Homes
Member: Flushing Bank
Project Name: Pond View Homes

Independence Crossing
Member: Citibank
Project Name: Independence Crossing

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