Credit Products

Credit ProductsAs your key partner in financing, the FHLBNY offers a wide array of credit products to help meet your funding needs, support asset/liability and risk management, and help you achieve a competitive advantage in your markets. Advances are offered in terms of overnight to 30 years at fixed, variable, and adjustable rates.

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Mortgage Partnership Finance® Program

Mortgage Partnership Finance ProgramThe Mortgage Partnership Finance Program (MPF®) has been the answer for many of our members to participate in the secondary mortgage market.

MPF combines the local credit expertise of our member community lenders with the funding expertise of the Federal Home Loan Banks, resulting in a financially rewarding partnership and a more efficient way to sell mortgage loans — without loan level price adjustments.

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Housing & Community Lending Programs

Housing & Community Lending ProgramsAs an FHLBNY member, you have access to some of the nation's most important housing and community development programs available. Through grants, subsidized and reduced-rate advances, and Letters of Credit, your institution can take advantage of the various housing and community development programs available to be a catalyst for growth in your own communities.

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Correspondent Services

Correspondent ServicesThe FHLBNY offers an array of banking and cash management services to maximize your earnings potential while enhancing the efficiency of your daily in-house cash management operations.

The FHLBNY understands the challenges you face and offers services that provide you with competitive pricing and superior customer service, with a focused commitment to enhancing your bottom line.

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New Products & Promotions

Fixed-Rate Advance with a LIBOR Cap
Created to provide members with a term fixed-rate funding option which also offers additional protection against rising rates.

Reduced Pricing
Municipal Letters of Credit
Now MULOCs provide an even lower-cost, more efficient way to collateralize state, city, court, or local government (municipal) deposits.

Callable Advance
Developed in consultation with our members to meet their changing liquidity needs.

Member Loan Connection
Submit your loans for sale or participation to the FHLBNY member network.