Create Opportunities that Strengthen your Communities

One of the goals at the FHLBNY is to improve the housing and economic opportunities available to families and communities. We recognize the connection between the strength of a community’s economy and its residents’ ability to afford safe, decent housing. Through our housing and community lending programs, members have access to the financing tools essential for creating a more prosperous environment. By supporting the start-up and growth of local businesses, you ensure that your communities experience steady economic growth. Together, we can continue to create opportunities that strengthen our communities.

Our attractive funding programs include:

Housing Programs

Affordable Housing Program (AHP)
First Home Clubsm (FHC)

Community Lending Programs (CLP)

CLP for Small Business Lending
Community Investment Program (CIP)
Rural Development Advance (RDA)
Urban Development Advance (UDA)

CLP Advances are the lowest priced source of FHLBNY funding provided to support home financing, housing, and commercial and economic development activities. 

For more information regarding any of the Housing and Community Lending Programs and how they can potentially help increase your profitability, enhance CRA performance, and improve your community visibility and public relations, please contact a Member Services Desk Representative at (212) 441-6600 or (800) 546-5101, option 1.

Program Deadlines

The deadline for the
2019 Competitive AHP Round Application is
April 12, 2019.

FHC offers monthly enrollment periods due the 10th of each month or the following applicable business day.

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