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Determine Borrowing Capacity

About Lendable Value
Maximum Lendable Values are established to ensure that the FHLBNY always has sufficient eligible collateral securing credit extensions. Maximum Lendable Values are typically designated by the type of collateral pledged. The collateral is periodically evaluated and adjusted to reflect current market conditions. In establishing the various Maximum Lendable Values, the FHLBNY considers the potential market, credit and liquidity risks associated with each type of pledged collateral. In addition, the Maximum Lendable Value allows for reasonable costs associated with the liquidation of collateral as well as any remaining unknown factors.

However, the Maximum Lendable Values may also be impacted by the overall financial condition of the members, or third-party entities (i.e., pledgors, servicers, custodians) involved in the relationship between the member and the FHLBNY.

Members with a weakened financial condition may be assigned a lower Maximum Lendable Value and may be required to provide additional collateral to cover accrued interest, and estimated early termination fees on outstanding advances.

For a summary of Maximum Lendable Value requirements and how it applies, please refer to the Member Products Guide.

Current Borrowing Potential
Members can view their Collateral Position Report on 1Linksm which enumerates a member’s borrowing potential.

Once you log into 1Link, click on the "Information Reporting" tab, then under "Reports" drop-down list click on "Special Reports," then select "Collat Customer Summary Report." Through 1Linksm, you can also arrange to have your report automatically delivered to you via email. If you are not signed up on 1Linksm, please contact your calling officer.

Determining your Total Borrowing Capacity



Calling Officers:
(212) 441-6700
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