1Linksm News and Updates


1Link Safekeeping Module will be discontinued.
The Safekeeping Module in 1Link will be phased out by the Fall. All safekeeping transactions and reporting can be done through the new safekeeping platform 1LinkSKsm.

If you are using the Safekeeping Module and need assistance transitioning to 1LinkSK, please contact our Custody and Pledging Services team at (800) 546-5101 or by e-mail at CustodyandPledgingServices@FHLBNY.com.

The new 1LinkSK platform offers members even more than the legacy 1Link Safekeeping Module. This new online platform includes intuitive self-service features that provide your institution’s authorized users with the opportunity to:

  • Perform trades,
  • Create Pledge transactions,
  • View “real-time” monitoring of account activity, and
  • Customize reports and delivery methods.

Also for your convenience, the following 1Link reports are now available on 1LinkSK:

  • Custody Daily Income Projections
  • Daily Asset Holding with Factors
  • MBS P&I Payments
  • Monthly Asset Holding Positions
  • Municipal Security Pledge Report


Did you know you can transact with the FHLBNY remotely via 1Link?

Remote access can come in handy during the winter season. Through 1Link, your institution’s authorized users have the ability to obtain account balances and perform business transactions (Advances, Wire Transfers, Book Wires, and Safekeeping transactions) from alternate worksites.

Please note: For business transactions, the user will need their Security Device in their possession. The alternate worksite computer must meet the minimum system requirements to access 1Link. Should you encounter any issues when attempting to access 1Link, contact the 1Link Helpdesk at (800) 546-5101.