1Link Information Reporting

Add value to your membership by taking advantage of all the Information Reporting features 1Link offers. 

  • Prior and Current Day Reporting – Review, download, export, or print reports reflecting account balances and transaction details
  • Customize reports to meet your needs, e.g. list transactions over a specified amount to facilitate daily cash management
  • Access many HLB's standard daily and periodic reports at your convenience

Report Delivery Information — Schedule automatic delivery of information to yourself and others in your institution via email, such as:

  • Prior and Current Day Reports
  • Customized Reports
  • Special Reports
  • Wire & Advances Reports

Alerts — Receive information on some event that has occurred or a trigger for something you may need to do, such as approve a transaction by scheduling alerts.

The following Alerts are currently available in the 1Link system:

  • Advance Transaction Status – Alerts Users when an Advance is at a certain status
  • Transaction Status– Alerts Users when a Trade is at a certain status
  • Call Alert – Alerts Users 12 days prior to a Security in your portfolio being called
  • Maturity – Alerts Users 12 days in advance of any maturing security in their portfolio

We will notify users as additional alerts become available.